Valedictorian Speech

Hello everyone my name is Justyn and this is my Valedictorian speech for 2014.

First of all my experience at this school was amazing from Fairy park excursion in prep all the way to year 6 as we just came back from Canberra.

Between prep and year 6 our camps and excursions got better every year. In 1-2 we went to the botanic gardens. In year 3 we went to Sovereign Hill, where sadly I didn’t find enough gold to retire from school.

In year 4 we went to camp Currumbin, where we all had a great time on the fling fox.


Science Prac Report (Packing Pellet)

Aim: To see what happens to the pellets.

Materials: Beaker, Room temperature water and packing pellets.

Method: First we filled the beaker with room temperature water then we put the packing pellets into the beaker and left it in there to see it’s reaction or what happens.

Results: Some of the packing pellets were still floating but they dissolved a bit and broke up. And some others sunk and also dissolved and broke a bit.

Discussion: We were able to break them really easily. We could of seen the water level to see if the water rose or went down or stayed the same.

Conclusion: If we put hot water in instead of room temperature water they would’ve dissolved quicker!


Rusting Experiment

Today in the science lab we set up our rusting experiments. We worked in groups to do them and in my group there was me Luca and Alyssa. Our experiment was about putting one nail into salt water with nothing on it and then put another nail in a cup with vaseline on the nail. And the beaker and water level were all the same and how much salt is in the cups.

When we had put the nails in the beakers then we put them on a ledge. Ater that we drew up a POE chart and we wrote a prediction on the nail with no vaseline and the nail with vaseline. (UNFINISHED)

The Battle for Australia Commoration Day

On the 3rd of September when we first  got to the Shrine we found our seats and sat down for 10 minutes then they started off with the band playing. After the band had finished playing The main guard came up and gave a little speech. Then after that there was a master ceremonies presented by Mr. Paul Sheahan.

The 2nd part of this day was a Jet fly over the Shrine from South to North then he looped around and came from West to East.(UNFINISHED)

Six Traits of writing

In  term 1 we went through a story then chose a page and went through it and looked at the 6 traits of writing and now in term 4 we are doing the exact same thing but read like a writer instead of read like a reader.

1. Idea: In the first paragraph there were a lot of really good ideas including a mud cubby house instead of just a regular cubby house.

2. Organization: In mt book the organization is good and structured in a very good way and has put everything in the right order.

3. Voice: The voice is good in this book because you can tell what you are feeling in every part of the book and the audience knows what your talking about and what the author is talking about.

4. Word Choice: The word choice is amazing because the author used interesting words throughout the whole book.5.

Sentence Fluency: Throughout the whole book the sentence fluency flowed and always made sense through the whole book  (UNFINISHED)






The 6 Room Poetry

Over the last few days we have been working on the 6 room poetry. The 6 room poetry is about 6 rooms of poetry. The 1st room is about thinking of an image or photograph or think of something that is amazing, beautiful or interesting (Don’t think of a poem.) The 2nd room is about what colour it is or is it light, dark or shiny.

The 3rd room is about the sound what can you hear. the 4th room is about if you have any questions about the thing you chose. And the 5th room is about your feelings. What are your feelings? And the last room the 6th is about looking over all your rooms and seeing if you can add any more.


A dog namedqwertyMadiiscoolshiny bluefurrcoatlalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalallalalal amazing beautifulIknowhow can     she    jump so                                                                                      high. 


Procedual Text/ How to make ice-cream

If you like ice-cream this is the recipe for you!


Milk, Big zip lock bag x2, ice, salt, tea towel or cloth.


1. First grab your milk and pour it into the zip lock bag . You can put as much milk in as you want.                                                                                                                     2. Put the zip lock bag with the milk into the other zip lock bag. Zip the bag with milk in it but not the other one.                                                                                     3. Put the ice in the bag which has no milk in it so it makes it colder so it will make it quicker.                                                                                        4. Then add salt in with the ice so it makes it even colder.                                      5. Zip both bags up then rap the tea towel or cloth around the bags.                6. Start shaking and squeezing the bags inside the cloth for about 10 to 20min.

Now you have ice-cream without putting it in the freezer. The cloth is just to keep your hands warm or else it’s freezing. Mmmm it’s easy to make and yummy.


Rusting Experiment POE Chart

  Predict Observe Explain
With Nothing I predict that the nail will rust and some rust will fall off but won’t change the colour of the water. Nail rusted-Brown

Rust fell off.

This nail did rust a lot and it changed the colour of the water.
With Grease I predict that the grease on the nail will change the colour of the water and it won’t rust. No Rust-grease didn’t fall off no water change. This nail did rust but only a tiny bit and it didn’t change the water colour.

BTN-River Dolphins

River Dolphins are a dolphin that have swam to a river and decided to live  there. All the dolphins moved because of the water is very hot and the air is very cold. Two people went out in the river on a speed boat to try and spot the dolphins. The first one they saw was right next to a cargo ship swimming and it sounds dangerous but it is safer than them being next to a speed boat.

And the dolphin expert thought they shouldn’t be living there because there is lots of polution and lots of buildings that prouduce polution which is not good for the dolphins because they could die if some wrapper got around  it’s neck.