The First Man To Find The Desert!

One sunny afternnoon in the dreamtime a man named Wallygu wanted to search. So he set off in search of a place that theyv’e never found before.                                                                                                                                                                                             

It took Wallygu a very long time to find it. He adventuly found a place that theyv’e never found before.

Wallygu couldn’t figure out a name for it. Because the coulrs were green and yellow. It was really hard for Wallygu to think of a mame. So Wallygu started to explore the place.

Wallygu was searching for miles and he found a  wolf. The wolf looked like it was searching for water.

Wallygu found out that there was no water. But he cut open a cactus and there was water. So Wallygu called it tne DESERT!