Semester One Learning Goals

Semester 1 learning goals:

This semester my goal is to concentrate more and not get distracted. I also would like to get better at maths because it’s hard and interesting, so I can have a job and count money quickly. I would also like to expand my blog so more people will visit my blog so I get more comments. I would also like to visit other people’s blogs and leave a comment so they might reply. I would also like to learn to type with all fingers not just one or two fingers, it’s a lot harder.


I have achieved multiplying because I have practiced more at home and done a bit each night. I have also achieved my reading but I could work on it a bit more like read a little bit more each night and start to read bigger books. Also find just right books and not easy or hard just right. I have also achieved putting more on my blog but still nobody is visiting my blog. I have also achieved concentrating and not getting distracted but I could still work on them a bit more but I’m going better.

Future Learning goals:

I can work on my reading and practice more and read a bit more each night. I could also work on   maths especially times tables because there my hardest time tables and the big ones are very hard. I can also work more on my blog and expand my blog so more people come and visit my blog. Also for people to visit my blog from different countries so I know that kids are visiting my blog. Also so they can leave a reply on my blog.

Spelling City Skills List 33-40d

I had a big challenge this week to find out what my words are trying to teach me and my words are jelly, reply, baby, dry, tiny, body, spy, puppy, pony, bury, army, multiply, lady, ferry, fly, try, sky, why, cry, sty, funny, my, sly and fairy. All my letters have a “y” at the end of my words at the end of each word say the “y” as an “I” and that’s what I learnt this week.

Spelling City Skills List 33-40f

My task this week was to find out what my spelling city skill words were about. My words were  drive, frame, spine, rode, cake, tube, scene, theme, blame, spoke, drove and time. I had to work on the bossy “e’s” because the bossy e tells you how to say the other vowel in the word and the bossy e tells you to make the word longer.

Grammar mania- Exercise 2 adjectives

1. They arrived early for class.
2. Can you come soon?
3. She placed the crystal vase carefully on the table.
4. You cannot drive there!
5. The bus will arrive here at noon tomorrow.
6. Yesterday, the strikers blocked the driveway effectively
7. Rick gave his girlfriend an extremely expensive gift.
8. Kate is a truly courageous woman.
9. They finished their work surprisingly quickly.
10. The weather turned really hot at the beach during this last week.

Short sentences long sentences

1. The puppy had been abandoned. He made it’s way down the road towards Lacey’s small  house. He had his ears tucked in. His tail was between it’s legs. He was shivering.

2. The roads would be too bad to travel for many days. Mr Lacey couldn’t get out. He couldn’t take the puppy to the pound in the city right away.

3. We use words when we think. We write with words. In our dreams we use words. We use them to pray. When we hope for things we use words.

4. I was done. Otis thanked me.

5. He was an ugly dog. I loved him with all my heart from the beginning.

6. Harry was several streets away. He collapsed onto a low wall in magnolia Crescent. He was panting from the of dragging his truck. He sat quite still. The anger was still surging through him. As he sat there he was listening the frantic thumping of his heart.

Cyber Safety Presentation Reflection

Dear mum and dad,

On Thursday the 30th of may Mira from ACMA came  to talk to all the 5/6s. We went down to the multipurpose room to hear a talk about cyber safety. It was all about keeping your accounts private, so nobody naughty can follow you on Kik or Instagram. We all watched a movie about bulling and to help people if there hurt and don’t laugh at them. Just ask them if they are alright and if they say no you should get a teacher.

It was very fun and interesting.Mira also told us what to do if someone wasn’t being nice or sending bad pictures. Mira also showed us how to block them so they cant follow you on Kik or Instagram and so you don’t get in trouble from someone else.

We should talk about appropriate games and not appropriate games so we know which games we can get and cant get.


From Juz


Nervous System


I predict this will be about the Nervous system but in more detail and where the nerves are in your body.



MRI- Special type of X ray.

Cerebrum- Biggest and heaviest part in your brain.

Cerebellum- Controls balance, movement and co-ordination.

Pituitary- Produces and releases hormones.

Hypothalmus- Regulates body temperature.


The Nervous system is made up of nerves all around the body. The biggest and heaviest nerve in your brain is called the cerebrum that is at the back of your brain. The brain is protected by the skull that is a thick bone.

The Nervous system keeps our heart beating and us breathing without us thinking about it. Baby’s at birth have 100 billion neurons in there brain.

Three Types Of Graphs

Strengths: The strengths are it’s easy to read.

Weaknesses: The weakness is that the words are to small.

Strengths: The strengths are it’s easy to read.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses are that the words are hard to read.

Strengths: The strengths of this graph is that it’s easy to read and its easy to understand.

Weakness: The weakness is its hard to see if its actually the number it on the original graph.

Problem Solving Pictures


I predict it will be about how many different types of jelly beans there are.



Nothing to clarify.

Whats the big question:

The big question is how many jelly beans are there altogether.

Working out:

I worked it out by multiplying 12 X 3 and the answer was 36 then I multiplied 36 X 6 and I first multiplied 36 X 3 and that equaled 108 then I doubled that that equals 216. I worked the next question out by counting by 4s and trying all possibilities and I ended up getting 4 X  10 that equals 40 so you would have a 4 times 10 box and that’s my answer.


I found this question a bit challenging but it was a little easy as well.