Problem Solving Pictures no.17


I predict it will be about tessellation and trying to match shapes to the bin.



 I have nothing to clarify.

What Is The Big Question:

The Big Question is to find the squares on the floor and match them with the reflection on the bin.

Mathematician’s Toolbox:

Guess check and improve and draw a diagram.


We figured it out that the bin is a cylinder. Marcus and I figured that there were 28 matches on the bin  and floor and that is how we got our answer. We figured out that there were 28 matches by drawing it on the picture.


Our prediction was mostly right but a few parts were wrong.


Raquet Ball Reflection

On Friday the 9th of August all the 5/6’s went to do a sport. The were Yoga, Zumba and Racket Ball. Jess and our group walked up to FitzPatrick’s Gym and we went there to play Racket Ball. Raquet Ball was fun and exiting it is also very tiring, first we changed our shoes then we lined up to learn how to play then we started playing.

First I played my friend and he won 9-10 the we had a break to let the other people on then  we went back on and had another game and he won again 7-10 but it was a tough game. Then when we finished that game it wasn’t time to swap so we had another game for fun, we didn’t get to finish but I won 7-6.

Then we went to watch another game because we were nearly ready to go back to school. After we had finished watching the other people we got ready to go back to school. When we were ready we had to walk down the hill to school and it was freezing cold.


What do we know about Australia before the British came?

Australia was not empty when the British arrived in Australia in fact there was no empty land on Australia. There was also no sea space in Australia all the Indigenous people had taken over all land of Australia. The aboriginals have been living on Australia centuries before the British came.

The Indigenous people had been visiting Australia for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of Captain Cook in 1770. The Indigenous people have been exploring Australia for a very long time now and then Captain Cook came to Australia and explored even more and got more detail of Australia.