BTN-Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are trained for a special reason to help blind people and you have to train them up and you have to train them for 8 months. You have to teach them things like sit, stay and come.

The main things you have to teach them are don’t cross the road when there are cars. Also to teach them to walk into lifts and out. You also have to teach them to walk up elevators and down elevators and that takes a while because it’s very hard to get the hang of it when your only a puppy dog. The last thing you should teach them is to walk up and down stairs at the blind persons pace and make sure they don’t rush anywhere.

International day of the girl


I learnt that people are trying there hardest to help kids get education and if countries that don’t get good education girls start giving %1 more education to girls that country profit will increase by %5.

What I feel:

I want as much people as possible to help so every girls around the world can get a very good education and if they don’t they won’t get a job and they will live a very bad and unhappy life.

What I might do:

I might help give money so they can get good food and a good education so they can learn and get a job later. Also so they can get a good life and live a happy life not unhappy life.



Holiday Reflection

We had a task to write to things down we learnt on the holidays and write it up these are the two things I learnt and my partner learnt.

On the Holidays I learnt to plan my homework on particular days so I know when to do it and don’t forget to do my homework. It also helps me so I don’t have to keep it in my head and remember everything else at the same time.

I also learnt how to figure out my times tables out quicker and easier and that will help me when i’m older. Like it helps me add money and also helps me so I can get a good job and that will earn me a good house and a good life.

On the Holidays my partner learnt all about Greek mythology. He watched documentary videos but all of it was mainly about Zeus the god ruler. Zeus ruled all of the gods.

What he also learnt was was how to do a wrong-en cricket ball which is when the ball spins but it is partly leg spin so if your a left handed the ball will spin right and if your right handed the ball will spin left and it is really hard.



3D and 2D shapes

I remember that 3D shapes have vertices, edges, faces and corners unlike 2D shapes they only have 1 face and no vertices. I also remember that you can hold 3D shapes because they are 3D that makes them bigger and not flat but you can’t hold 2D shapes because they are flat.

I also remember that 3D shapes are made up of a lot of different shapes and 3D shapes have width, length and depth. You have to have depth on a 3D shape or else it’s not a 3D shape.  




A.Some of the problems we encountered .

A. It deleted randomly , and in the time frame we had to do it in  I wish we had a bit more time.

Q .Some of the problems that we came across.

A.The only problem we came across was computer problems .

Q .What we did to over come these were keep on doing it.

A. What we did to over come these were keep on doing it even if it did not work we tried new things.

What worked with our infographs was.

What I can improve upon is.

What we can improve of this is  trying to put pitchers or  adding more stuff.


Below are my graphs and link.