Holiday Reflection

We had a task to write to things down we learnt on the holidays and write it up these are the two things I learnt and my partner learnt.

On the Holidays I learnt to plan my homework on particular days so I know when to do it and don’t forget to do my homework. It also helps me so I don’t have to keep it in my head and remember everything else at the same time.

I also learnt how to figure out my times tables out quicker and easier and that will help me when i’m older. Like it helps me add money and also helps me so I can get a good job and that will earn me a good house and a good life.

On the Holidays my partner learnt all about Greek mythology. He watched documentary videos but all of it was mainly about Zeus the god ruler. Zeus ruled all of the gods.

What he also learnt was was how to do a wrong-en cricket ball which is when the ball spins but it is partly leg spin so if your a left handed the ball will spin right and if your right handed the ball will spin left and it is really hard.



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