BTN Schapelle Corby

9 years ago Schapelle Corby got sentenced to 9 years in jail for smuggling drugs into Bali. Now she will tell her story for money. And she is selling her book of her life she wrote a while ago. And they are still finding out if there allowed to sell the book. And some people are asking Schapelle if she will have an interview with them for 2 billion dollars. Do you think Shapelle Corby will be allowed to sell her book or get an interview for w billion dollars?

Socializing on the Internet

Key Words:

Social,networking,variety,services,online,friends,family,information,identity,display,inappropriate, contact,scams,risky,personal,profile,parent,guardian, talking, sites,preferably,considerate,technologies and cyber smart.


How to be smart online:

You should never give away personal detail/information or private things because if you do give someone  your  password and the username they could give it to anyone and they and the people they gave to might give a your computer/laptop a virus or a bug. So never trust anyone unless it is your parents or a trusted adult. It also could be risky if you give personal stuff away. If you want to give personal stuff away always ask your parents or a guardian or a trusted adult. But it is also good to go on online sites  because you can get comments and constructive feed back from other people from all over the world! There are a variety of online sites and some you will have to give away personal detail and some you won’t have too and the ones that you have to give personal detail away. They could just be trying to hack your computer/laptop or phone!

100WC Week #21

Loads of meetings were held over the world to find out where all of the gold and diamonds went missing? While they were discussing where all the gold and diamonds went they herd the alarm go off. “Oh no someones breaking into our safe where we keep our last gold and diamonds!” “Quick lets go finally see whose stealing all our stuff.” “John what are you doing in the safe?” ” Oh I just caught our suspect we were looking for!” “Where is he” ” he’s right here, what where did he go!” “Hahahaha!” I just stole your last valuable things!

SuperSpell Results

Spelling Skills Established

Verb Endings

Spelling Skills Partially Established

Long Vowel Sounds – Digraphs

Long Vowel Sounds – Single Letter

Long Vowel Sounds – Silent ‘e’ Ending

Vowel Digraphs – Diphthongs

Diphthongs – Vowels before ‘r’

Silent Consonants

Soft Consonant Sounds ‘c’ & ‘g’

Spelling Skills not Established

Harder Plurals



My job Your job

My job(Student)                                                                                                         

  • Our job is to learn,listen and respect.
  • Our job is to help others
  • To get involved
  • To take responsibility
  • To collaborate
  • To be optimistic
  • To care

Your job(Teacher)

  • The teachers job is to look after us, help us learn and to get everyone involved
  • To give feedback
  • To be prepared for a new day
  • To respect
  • To teach us new things
  • To help us learn

100WC Week 20

When I woke up one morning I looked out of my bedroom window and all i could see was water. I was SHOCKED that the town was flooded I went on top of my roof and saw a fish and then I saw a SHARK! AHHHH run. I quickly ran back inside where it was much safer. Until I feel a drip on my head oh no it’s going to flood my house. Quick lets get my stuff I prepared along time ago for this day and now it’s here.

I have my swimming stuff do you yes okay lets swim to high ground and hopefully not get eaten by sharks.