I predict this will be about shapes.


 Nothing to clarify.

Mathematician Toolbox: 

I tested all possibilities.

What’s the Big Question: 

he big question is to find out what is the missing face.



How I figured it out:

First I looked at all the faces and saw there were all three eyes for each except for the half eyes. That was the same with the squares and nose. I knew it had to be a light nose and a square face. And then I put them all together and that’s what I got.

100WC Week 25

When I was twisting the key to open the zoo for my night shift. I herd a massive roar! I jumped, then thought oh it’s just the lions but I just realized there was a lion on the loose. I quickly ran to where we keep all the food and got a steak and threw it in the lion pen and luckily the lion jumped for the steak.

While I was guarding I kept hearing random noises I was a bit scared but I knew I had to act like I was not scared. Then I remembered I forgot to close the front gate. So when I went to close the front gate a dog ran in.

So I kept him.

Different Types of Government

I learnt that a Democracy is when the people elect the government and the people that don’t elect the government are kids. Another type of government is Anarchy, where there is no government and no rules and it is out of hand. There is also Communism which is when the government plans and controls the economy and owns all the businesses and farms.

There is also another type of government, Dictatorship or Autocracy is ruled by one leader and who has not been elected by anyone. There is also another one Federal Government, this is a central  government that shares power with the others. There is also Monarchy, which is a country that has a king or queen that rules, they don’t have a prime minister.

The second last one is a Republic, a country that doesn’t have a monarch and has a prime minister or a president. It is the opposite of a Monarchy. Then now the last one is Totalitarian State, a country that only has one political party.


I find it interesting that there are so many different types of governments. I am happy to live in Australia because not many people would like to live in a country with a leader that nobody has voted or elected for. Because that is a bit unfair if he or she just said’s “I am leader I don’t care what you people think i’m leader!”

I don’t think many people would like to live in a country that (TO BE CONTINUED!)



Australian Federal Parliament Representation

In class we have been talking about different levels of Parliament, which are the Local Government, State Government and Federal Government. We also talked about Direct Representation and Indirect Representation.

Direct Representation can be a good and bad thing because if we have 26 million people speaking at the same time it will be very hard to get a good say even a little say.

Indirect Representation is a good thing because people you trust get to represent you and your ideas get to be heard.

Then our teacher told us to get into groups of 3. He then gave each group a state and a sheet with questions on it with us to answer. The state we got was Victoria. The houses names are The House Of Representatives and The Senate.


Jack and the Beanstalk

One morning Jack told his mother he was going for a walk to try buy some food for a donkey. And Jack saw someone selling 5 magic beans so he brought them for a donkey.

When Jack got home his mother said what are they in your hands he said magic beans. And Jack’s mother grabbed the beans out of his hand and threw them away.

And she said these are useless. But in the morning there was a massive beanstalk outside Jack’s bedroom. He called his mother and said the beans are useless. And they lived happily ever after. THE END

100WC Week 24

When I woke up I knew something special was today, oh yeah school holidays. I herd a voice from outside my window, so I went and opened my window, it  was Derrik.

We decided that we would have a sleepover tonight, so I said I will get all my stuff ready now and come over. Then when I ran downstairs mum said have you done your homework and I said no.

So she said before you go to Derrik’s house you have to do your homework. So I did my homework and showed mum she said that’s not enough do it again.