100WC Week 24

When I woke up I knew something special was today, oh yeah school holidays. I herd a voice from outside my window, so I went and opened my window, it  was Derrik.

We decided that we would have a sleepover tonight, so I said I will get all my stuff ready now and come over. Then when I ran downstairs mum said have you done your homework and I said no.

So she said before you go to Derrik’s house you have to do your homework. So I did my homework and showed mum she said that’s not enough do it again.

16 thoughts on “100WC Week 24

  1. Justyn, I was expecting to read a 100 word challenge about a revised fairy tale. Did you write one?

    Team 100 wc (UK)

    • Yes I did write a fairy tale 100wc piece of writing, but I didn’t read the prompt carefully, so I thought it was just write any story. But then I went back and re-read the prompt carefully and it said to write a fairy tale story. But I had already posted my other story, but now if you visit my blog (http://justyn2013.global2.vic.edu.au/) it will be on there. But I had already posted my other one so if you visit my site it will be titled (Jack and the Beanstalk). Then you will see it there. Hope you read my Jack and the Beanstalk post. Sorry for not reading the prompt carefully, next time I will.

      From, Justyn

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