100WC Week 25

When I was twisting the key to open the zoo for my night shift. I herd a massive roar! I jumped, then thought oh it’s just the lions but I just realized there was a lion on the loose. I quickly ran to where we keep all the food and got a steak and threw it in the lion pen and luckily the lion jumped for the steak.

While I was guarding I kept hearing random noises I was a bit scared but I knew I had to act like I was not scared. Then I remembered I forgot to close the front gate. So when I went to close the front gate a dog ran in.

So I kept him.

One thought on “100WC Week 25

  1. Justyn,
    I thought you used some great descriptive sentences her. I loved the part where you knew you could not act scared. I am not sure where this week’s prompt fits in though.

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