On  the 6/5/14 Chris and Maria from GTAC came to our school to teach us about the States of Matter. GTAC came to our school because they liked with us when we went to GTAC.

First they told us a bit about particles and how particles make up atoms. Then we got a challenge to move a blob of play-dough from 1 beaker to another. But you couldn’t use your hands or just use the beaker that it was in to move it. You got a cup with a hole in the bottom of it and you also got a pair of tongs and 2 minutes to do it.

Then they told us to describe what the play-dough felt like and did it break or not. Then e went back and did another activity. This activity was about a foam cup. We had to break the foam cup up and put it into the transfer cup with the hole in the bottom. Then we wrote down on a piece of paper what we thought the cup felt like or looked like.

Then we got another challenge this one was a bit different. For this challenge we had to transfer a rubber band from one side of the room to another. Without putting the rubber band in the cup. Our group put the rubber band around the cup.

After that activity we did the same as the others. We wrote down what it looked like and felt like.

If you want to visit GTAC’s site here is the link (