Rusting Experiment POE Chart

  Predict Observe Explain
With Nothing I predict that the nail will rust and some rust will fall off but won’t change the colour of the water. Nail rusted-Brown

Rust fell off.

This nail did rust a lot and it changed the colour of the water.
With Grease I predict that the grease on the nail will change the colour of the water and it won’t rust. No Rust-grease didn’t fall off no water change. This nail did rust but only a tiny bit and it didn’t change the water colour.

BTN-River Dolphins

River Dolphins are a dolphin that have swam to a river and decided to live  there. All the dolphins moved because of the water is very hot and the air is very cold. Two people went out in the river on a speed boat to try and spot the dolphins. The first one they saw was right next to a cargo ship swimming and it sounds dangerous but it is safer than them being next to a speed boat.

And the dolphin expert thought they shouldn’t be living there because there is lots of polution and lots of buildings that prouduce polution which is not good for the dolphins because they could die if some wrapper got around  it’s neck.