Procedual Text/ How to make ice-cream

If you like ice-cream this is the recipe for you!


Milk, Big zip lock bag x2, ice, salt, tea towel or cloth.


1. First grab your milk and pour it into the zip lock bag . You can put as much milk in as you want.                                                                                                                     2. Put the zip lock bag with the milk into the other zip lock bag. Zip the bag with milk in it but not the other one.                                                                                     3. Put the ice in the bag which has no milk in it so it makes it colder so it will make it quicker.                                                                                        4. Then add salt in with the ice so it makes it even colder.                                      5. Zip both bags up then rap the tea towel or cloth around the bags.                6. Start shaking and squeezing the bags inside the cloth for about 10 to 20min.

Now you have ice-cream without putting it in the freezer. The cloth is just to keep your hands warm or else it’s freezing. Mmmm it’s easy to make and yummy.