Six Traits of writing

In  term 1 we went through a story then chose a page and went through it and looked at the 6 traits of writing and now in term 4 we are doing the exact same thing but read like a writer instead of read like a reader.

1. Idea: In the first paragraph there were a lot of really good ideas including a mud cubby house instead of just a regular cubby house.

2. Organization: In mt book the organization is good and structured in a very good way and has put everything in the right order.

3. Voice: The voice is good in this book because you can tell what you are feeling in every part of the book and the audience knows what your talking about and what the author is talking about.

4. Word Choice: The word choice is amazing because the author used interesting words throughout the whole book.5.

Sentence Fluency: Throughout the whole book the sentence fluency flowed and always made sense through the whole book  (UNFINISHED)






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