The 6 Room Poetry

Over the last few days we have been working on the 6 room poetry. The 6 room poetry is about 6 rooms of poetry. The 1st room is about thinking of an image or photograph or think of something that is amazing, beautiful or interesting (Don’t think of a poem.) The 2nd room is about what colour it is or is it light, dark or shiny.

The 3rd room is about the sound what can you hear. the 4th room is about if you have any questions about the thing you chose. And the 5th room is about your feelings. What are your feelings? And the last room the 6th is about looking over all your rooms and seeing if you can add any more.


A dog namedqwertyMadiiscoolshiny bluefurrcoatlalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalallalalal amazing beautifulIknowhow can     she    jump so                                                                                      high. 


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