100WC Week 25

When I was twisting the key to open the zoo for my night shift. I herd a massive roar! I jumped, then thought oh it’s just the lions but I just realized there was a lion on the loose. I quickly ran to where we keep all the food and got a steak and threw it in the lion pen and luckily the lion jumped for the steak.

While I was guarding I kept hearing random noises I was a bit scared but I knew I had to act like I was not scared. Then I remembered I forgot to close the front gate. So when I went to close the front gate a dog ran in.

So I kept him.

Jack and the Beanstalk

One morning Jack told his mother he was going for a walk to try buy some food for a donkey. And Jack saw someone selling 5 magic beans so he brought them for a donkey.

When Jack got home his mother said what are they in your hands he said magic beans. And Jack’s mother grabbed the beans out of his hand and threw them away.

And she said these are useless. But in the morning there was a massive beanstalk outside Jack’s bedroom. He called his mother and said the beans are useless. And they lived happily ever after. THE END

100WC Week 24

When I woke up I knew something special was today, oh yeah school holidays. I herd a voice from outside my window, so I went and opened my window, it  was Derrik.

We decided that we would have a sleepover tonight, so I said I will get all my stuff ready now and come over. Then when I ran downstairs mum said have you done your homework and I said no.

So she said before you go to Derrik’s house you have to do your homework. So I did my homework and showed mum she said that’s not enough do it again.

100 WC Week#13

One morning a man woke up and went for a walk around the street and couldn’t find anything to do suddenly he saw a canvas on the ground with paints he was amazed he couldn’t wait to get home to start working on his picture. When he got home he couldn’t figure out what to draw. He got so angry he started throwing paint on the canvas just doing silly things. He did that for about an hour, then when he had finished it turned out to be a magnificent piece of art work and it went up everywhere in the city.

100WC-Letter in a bottle

One morning I went for a walk on the beach and I found a letter in a bottle I opened it up and it said…

 Dear Darling wife i’m so sorry that I still haven’t made it back to land now. But my ships engine broke down and fell off the ship and I couldn’t dive down to get it. So I am now making a new engine while you are reading this if you have got it.

I will be home soon =) P.S Remember to call me and here is my phone number if you have forgot it 0432198456 Don’t forget!

100WC Week 33

The bird swoops down in no time I have to duck as quick as I could. It was scary I even thought I was going to get hit. It was a plover there was a nest on top of our roof and it was breeding season. So I was inside for quite a moment but I eventually went out again but I nearly got hit again so I stayed inside. The next day I went out again and I looked on our roof and the nest had gone finally no more swooping no more plovers no more being scared finally.