BTN-What is Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport where u get a stick and a ball and you have to try pick the ball up with your stick and score a goal in the the opponents goals. Men’s and Women’s is different men’s is you have contact and 10 players on the field including a goalkeeper. In women’s there is no contact and they have 2 extra players. Lacrosse is a very dangerous sport so you have to wear all these protection stuff. But if you are playing at school you won’t need pads because you play with a softer ball and you don’t have contact so it is safe for the school.


MMPSQ 23 Term 4


I predict this will be about numbers and adding and subtracting.


Fill in the empty boxes so that every equation makes sense.


I have nothing to clarify.

What is the big question:

The big question is to make all equations make sense.

Solve it:

First I added 32 + ? = 48. Then I added 4 x ? = 32. Then I added 8 x ? =16. After that I kept adding all the other ones up and I ended up like this (Pic should be here but it didn’t work).


Term 4 Project Forensic Investigator

Dr Wilfrid Derome is a famous forensic investigator he was born in Canada in 1887.  He studied at 3 different schools including Montreal and Sainte-Marie College, and Joliette  where he received his Bachelor of Arts certificate in 1898.  A few years later In 1902 Dr Derome received a doctorate of medicine from Université Laval in Montreal ,while working at Notre  Dame Hospital.

In 1910, Dr. Derome was appointed Professor of Legal Medicine and Toxicology at the University of Montreal and became head of the Laboratory of Notre Dame Hospital. Here he examined evidence brought to him and walked it across the street to the courthouse to give testimony (the truth) on the findings in cases.

Dr Derome travelled to France to study with French Experts.  When he returned he came back with another certificate in the areas of ballistics (guns) criminal psychology (the mind) and fingerprint analysis.

Dr Deroime opened North Americas first crime lab in 1914 a medical-legal lab to investigate criminal case evidence.

He was also very famous for his research at Notre Dame Hospital.

So famous they named an award after him. The Derome award is a very hard award to get and is not awarded yearly due to this fact.

He also wrote several scientific books.

Dr Derome has a government building in Montreal named after him which you will see on the current running tv show bones and also mentioned infamous crime novels.

Dr Derome died in 1931  aged 54 of cancer.

Audacity Recording: WilfridDerome


BTN-Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are trained for a special reason to help blind people and you have to train them up and you have to train them for 8 months. You have to teach them things like sit, stay and come.

The main things you have to teach them are don’t cross the road when there are cars. Also to teach them to walk into lifts and out. You also have to teach them to walk up elevators and down elevators and that takes a while because it’s very hard to get the hang of it when your only a puppy dog. The last thing you should teach them is to walk up and down stairs at the blind persons pace and make sure they don’t rush anywhere.