I predict this will be about shapes.


 Nothing to clarify.

Mathematician Toolbox: 

I tested all possibilities.

What’s the Big Question: 

he big question is to find out what is the missing face.



How I figured it out:

First I looked at all the faces and saw there were all three eyes for each except for the half eyes. That was the same with the squares and nose. I knew it had to be a light nose and a square face. And then I put them all together and that’s what I got.

Problem Solving


We predict that this will be about numbers, rows, collums and paterns.


Fill in the puzzle so that each 2 times 2 box, each row and each collum contain all the numbers from 1 to 4.


nothing to clarify.

Whats the big Question:

Where to put the number.

What were going to use to figre it out:

Where going to use test all possibilities and guess, check and improve from the mathematitions tool box.

Solve it:

First we all put 1,2,3,4 into each box and each row and collum so we scanned throw untill we get the answer and each number wasn’t in line like 1 and 1 wasn’t in line.


We didn’t get confuse we justc scanned throw and got the answer and tried all possibilities from the mathematitions tool box and the prediction was right.