The Easter Bunny

One special night I woke up and I looked outside my window and I saw a spaceship with it’s lights on. So I went down stairs and I saw the spaceship, it was about to leave. But in no time at all I jumped into the ship.

When I got in I walked around and I saw the Easter bunny controlling the ship. I saw my bunny Lily helping so the Easter bunny let me help as well.

It is very fun helping. While I was helping Lily pooped a big jelly bean out with little jelly beans inside. It was so big I had to get the other bunnies to help me eat it. It was a little bit boring because all the bunnies were working hard out. I was tired. I’ve always dreamed of helping the Easter bunny and my dream came true.

But I never new it would be so tiring doing one job, it’s very hard finding spots to hide the eggs and do it extremely quick. Very very hard.

When it started to become day I was tired but we got to watch every kid find there eggs.


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