Cyber Safety Presentation Reflection

Dear mum and dad,

On Thursday the 30th of may Mira from ACMA came  to talk to all the 5/6s. We went down to the multipurpose room to hear a talk about cyber safety. It was all about keeping your accounts private, so nobody naughty can follow you on Kik or Instagram. We all watched a movie about bulling and to help people if there hurt and don’t laugh at them. Just ask them if they are alright and if they say no you should get a teacher.

It was very fun and interesting.Mira also told us what to do if someone wasn’t being nice or sending bad pictures. Mira also showed us how to block them so they cant follow you on Kik or Instagram and so you don’t get in trouble from someone else.

We should talk about appropriate games and not appropriate games so we know which games we can get and cant get.


From Juz