Semester One Learning Goals

Semester 1 learning goals:

This semester my goal is to concentrate more and not get distracted. I also would like to get better at maths because it’s hard and interesting, so I can have a job and count money quickly. I would also like to expand my blog so more people will visit my blog so I get more comments. I would also like to visit other people’s blogs and leave a comment so they might reply. I would also like to learn to type with all fingers not just one or two fingers, it’s a lot harder.


I have achieved multiplying because I have practiced more at home and done a bit each night. I have also achieved my reading but I could work on it a bit more like read a little bit more each night and start to read bigger books. Also find just right books and not easy or hard just right. I have also achieved putting more on my blog but still nobody is visiting my blog. I have also achieved concentrating and not getting distracted but I could still work on them a bit more but I’m going better.

Future Learning goals:

I can work on my reading and practice more and read a bit more each night. I could also work on   maths especially times tables because there my hardest time tables and the big ones are very hard. I can also work more on my blog and expand my blog so more people come and visit my blog. Also for people to visit my blog from different countries so I know that kids are visiting my blog. Also so they can leave a reply on my blog.