The Five Big Questions: Dog Tales

Big Question #1: What makes this book good?Dog Tales is a good book because of how all the dogs are always together and trying to tell Mavis that shes not a dog a goat but in a nice way. I also like this book because it is funny and the dogs are always going on an adventure.

Big Question #2: What would make this book better?This book would be better if the author put a little more detail in some parts when they are just sitting there watching Dog Hospital because it wasn’t that interesting in that part. You also could have not put as many pictures in so the reader could imagine there own pictures.

Big Question #3: What’s the one most important thing the author wants you to know?Emily wants you to know that dogs are a good animal and are good because you can play with them and have fun.

Big Question #4: Why did the writer write this?Emily wrote this book to tell you that dogs are a fun loving pet. Also Because if there is someone that doesn’t feel like they fit in, to say they do and there exactly the same as everyone no better or worse. Everyone is just the exact same.

Big Question #5: What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?First Mavis is actually a goat and not a dog but she thinks shes a dog and the other dogs are trying to tell her shes not a dog in a nice way not t upset her.

Reading Reflection

If I was Hedley I would be scared going into a graveyard. Also the half moon murder especially going to the loony bins then going back home and finding out that no ones home.

I would also feel scared if I thought there was someone under my bed and I would not like it if I had to roll a ball under my bed. If it didn’t come out I knew there would be under my bed.

That’s why I don’t want to be Hedley Hopkins.