Australian Federal Parliament Representation

In class we have been talking about different levels of Parliament, which are the Local Government, State Government and Federal Government. We also talked about Direct Representation and Indirect Representation.

Direct Representation can be a good and bad thing because if we have 26 million people speaking at the same time it will be very hard to get a good say even a little say.

Indirect Representation is a good thing because people you trust get to represent you and your ideas get to be heard.

Then our teacher told us to get into groups of 3. He then gave each group a state and a sheet with questions on it with us to answer. The state we got was Victoria. The houses names are The House Of Representatives and The Senate.


Semester One Learning Goals

Semester 1 learning goals:

This semester my goal is to concentrate more and not get distracted. I also would like to get better at maths because it’s hard and interesting, so I can have a job and count money quickly. I would also like to expand my blog so more people will visit my blog so I get more comments. I would also like to visit other people’s blogs and leave a comment so they might reply. I would also like to learn to type with all fingers not just one or two fingers, it’s a lot harder.


I have achieved multiplying because I have practiced more at home and done a bit each night. I have also achieved my reading but I could work on it a bit more like read a little bit more each night and start to read bigger books. Also find just right books and not easy or hard just right. I have also achieved putting more on my blog but still nobody is visiting my blog. I have also achieved concentrating and not getting distracted but I could still work on them a bit more but I’m going better.

Future Learning goals:

I can work on my reading and practice more and read a bit more each night. I could also work on   maths especially times tables because there my hardest time tables and the big ones are very hard. I can also work more on my blog and expand my blog so more people come and visit my blog. Also for people to visit my blog from different countries so I know that kids are visiting my blog. Also so they can leave a reply on my blog.