Australian Federal Parliament Representation

In class we have been talking about different levels of Parliament, which are the Local Government, State Government and Federal Government. We also talked about Direct Representation and Indirect Representation.

Direct Representation can be a good and bad thing because if we have 26 million people speaking at the same time it will be very hard to get a good say even a little say.

Indirect Representation is a good thing because people you trust get to represent you and your ideas get to be heard.

Then our teacher told us to get into groups of 3. He then gave each group a state and a sheet with questions on it with us to answer. The state we got was Victoria. The houses names are The House Of Representatives and The Senate.



In the early 19th century, the British took control of Tasmania, causing them to have a fight with the Aboriginals. Later a Dutch explorer named Able Tasman found Tasmania and called it Van Demon’s Land.                                                                                                                                         

Earlier in the 17th century a few European explorers and there captain William Bligh visited Tasmania and didn’t know that some other explorers named it. So they decided to name it Table Mountain.

William and his crew went exploring for a while and they found  a creature they have never ever seen before. Then they herd a noise coming from the bushes near a beach with smooth flowing water behind them. So it was hard to tell if it was the water or the bushes. Then suddenly an Aboriginal man jumped out of the bushes and said “it’s a Tasmanian Devil”. 

But William was confused because he knew the British took over and frightened the Aboriginals away? The Aboriginal man said that he ran so far away the couldn’t catch him.

Then the Tasmanian Devil became popular around Tasmania and now it is a native animal to Tasmania.

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