The Submarine

One day I was walking through a park and saw a lever flick. Crash bang clunk there are walls all around me. Then I saw a button click chewwww it opened up a secret room. I went down clink clonk clink clonk. All I saw was a pond of water. Woosh, splish, splash.

I thought about jumping into the pond, but then I thought it could just be another trap. I’ll jump in it to see if it’s a trap or not. Splash I jumped in. It was really cold, but it was worth it, it took me to an underground submarine. I explored it for a while and found lots of things.

It was getting late so I decided to head home. I left the submarine and flicked the lever and walked home. The next day I went back and decided to make it my own little hide out.

When it got boring tick tock tick tock. I asked some of my friends to come and play. I searched……… I found all sorts of different rooms like a kitchen and a lounge room. Then the TV turned on ssss Breaking news a dog has escaped barb wired fences with no holes.

How We decided to make this story up:

For the 1st and 4th paragraph we used a special paragraph thing that had lots of different things on it like Intense feelings, Sound effects and questions. I chose sound effects to tie up the ending. Eg.  Woosh, Splash, Clink, Clonk.

For the 2nd and 3rd paragraph we used the paragraph sandwich. Ts=Topic sentence Ss=Supporting sentence Ds=Detail sentence Cs=Conclusion sentence. So this is the way we had to write it.







But we could have used as many SS and DS sentences as we wanted but the whole story together had to be 4 paragraphs and no more or no less.

Creating Pie Graphs

Pie graphs are a form of visual data representation and they use a circular form with “pie slices” that show that the larger pieces having more data and the smaller ones having less. Some people think that pie charts are easy to make but getting the exact measurements correct. Here is the way to do it.

To find out the angle that you need for each piece, you first make the fraction with the numerator being the number on the tally sheet and the denominator being the total of people in the whole servey. Then that fraction is multiplied by 360 (the total number of degrees) and you  will end up with another fraction. Then divide the top number by the bottom number so that you will have a whole number. This is your number of degrees.

Here is the servey that our group did with our class. We turned it into a graph on excel.


Term 2 Integrated Unit: Chemical Change

PhotoIntroduction Paragraph:

In term 3 our topic was on the four states of matter which are gases, liquids, solids and plasma. We had GTAC come to teach us about the four states of matter and how they flow and how quickly they dissolve. Also if they float sink or float in the middle which is like sinking and floating. Like a fish! They float in the middle of the ocean.

Three facts I found Interesting and Surprising:

I find that it’s interesting how some liquids flow faster than some others. I also found interesting how some particles can float and how some can’t like gas particles can and water and solid particles can’t float like gas particles. I also found interesting how fast liquid and gas particles move and how they bounce of each other and things around them.

Two understandings I now have:

I now understand how liquids, gases, solids and plasma works and how some can dissolve and some can’t because of their weight or material. I also learnt how some liquids come out of bottles faster like water it comes out fast and then you look at honey it comes out really slow. It’s because of the particles and how much they are attracted to too each other. In water it’s not very much, but in honey they are very attracted to each other.

One Wondering I still have is:

I still wonder why some particles are more attracted to others than some like why are honey particles so attracted to each other unlike normal water or gases. Like why do gas particles bounce around and not honey particles?

What were the most important things I learnt?

The most important things I learnt was probably how any particles move and why they move so slow or not so slow like gas particles move very fast and bounce. Then water particles move very fast but they don’t bounce and then there is honey which is a liquid. And a solid particle doesn’t move at all.

How did I learn it:

I learnt all this because GTAC came in and taught me and how we have been doing it in class a lot and how science is one of my favorite units. I also learnt all this because I am really interested in science and I am always tuned in ready for a new lesson to learn something new on the unit science.

What I am going to do with what I learnt:

I am going to take this away and remember this for next year when I am in high school I know a lot about science and will be good at it and get better when I am high school and I will learn more advanced things.

Books are better than TV

I agree that books are better than television. First of all if you are watching TV and you see a movie you like and then you want to see it again you have to go and buy it or wait until it’s on again. You are also spending money by watching TV because you have to pay for electricity.

Unlike if you want a book you have to go out and bye it, but then you can read it as many times as want without wasting money. Secondly TV is not as interesting as books because you imagine in books. But watching TV you don’t imagine you see the picture.

Books are also better because you can read basically anywhere even in the car. But with TV you can’t watch in the car unless you by a little DVD players, but you are still paying money to charge the DVD player.

And sometimes people get bored of TV and can’t think of what to do. I say why not go outside and read on a sunny day. Even if it is raining stay inside and read.

And that’s why books are better than TV

Hot Air Balloon

One morning I decided to go for a ride in a hot air balloon. So I got dressed and drove to where they take off. When I got there it felt like I had to wait in line for ages. I thought i’d look up and see how many balloons there were to find out why I am waiting so long. I looked up and saw about 59 balloons. About to be 60 it’s my turn. I was a bit nervous at the start because I had never been on one, but at the same time I was exited.

When it was about to take off it was very cold so I thought I should put my jacket on, so I did. But when it took off it was boiling from the fire, so I took my jacket off straight away. It wasn’t that good of a view when we were just off the ground, but when we started to get higher and higher, it started to get better and better.

When we were at the point where they don’t go any higher, it was amazing. The view was just amazing, the birds would fly right next to you. You could see all the other balloons next to you and around you. After 1 hour in the balloon we started to go down. Until BANG we hit a tree, we were stuck. I didn’t know what was going to happen or how we were going to get out. I was scared, we couldn’t call the fire men because none of us had our phones. Also no one could see us because we were inside one of those really big trees.

But then someone sees us luckily and calls the fire men and they came and rescued us by putting a ladder up the tree so we could get down. After we got down we thanked the fire men and the person that called them. Then we went home. Later that night I was thinking about going again sometime soon.

(Click here to listen to me reading it)

GTAC Lesson 5 Fair Test & Rusting

On the 12th of June Chris and Maria came in for our last lesson for GTAC. First they talked a bit about rusting and what can rust and what can’t. Then they gave us 2 pictures each and 1 of them said Good quality and Bad quality. They asked us which bike do you think is better and one had rust and one didn’t. But our group said we wanted to know how the bikes were made so the bike with no rust could be the bad one.

Then we drew up a table in our book and wrote down things about rusting and wrote the key words on our 2 experiments. Our first experiment was to see how fast an Alta-seltzer dissolves in water with mixing it. My group got hot water another group got ice cold water another group got room temperature water. Our Alta-seltzer dissolved the quickest with a time of 17 seconds.

Our next experiment was to put the Alta-seltzer into a glass of water we got the same temperature again this time we had to do it without mixing it and our groups Alta-seltzer dissolved the quickest again with a time of 22 seconds.

At the end we wrote or observations in our books and then we said thank you for GTAC to come in and teach us about science and we are grateful that they came in and we really loved it and they did too.

The Five Big Questions: Dog Tales

Big Question #1: What makes this book good?Dog Tales is a good book because of how all the dogs are always together and trying to tell Mavis that shes not a dog a goat but in a nice way. I also like this book because it is funny and the dogs are always going on an adventure.

Big Question #2: What would make this book better?This book would be better if the author put a little more detail in some parts when they are just sitting there watching Dog Hospital because it wasn’t that interesting in that part. You also could have not put as many pictures in so the reader could imagine there own pictures.

Big Question #3: What’s the one most important thing the author wants you to know?Emily wants you to know that dogs are a good animal and are good because you can play with them and have fun.

Big Question #4: Why did the writer write this?Emily wrote this book to tell you that dogs are a fun loving pet. Also Because if there is someone that doesn’t feel like they fit in, to say they do and there exactly the same as everyone no better or worse. Everyone is just the exact same.

Big Question #5: What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?First Mavis is actually a goat and not a dog but she thinks shes a dog and the other dogs are trying to tell her shes not a dog in a nice way not t upset her.


Dear ??????,

I am writing to you to say that Ambulance drivers should get more pay. I strongly agree that they should get more pay because they are saving peoples lives and if there were no Ambulance drivers more lives will be lost.

Also if Ambulance drivers don’t get more pay over the years no one will want to be an Ambulance driver because they aren’t getting enough pay. Then eventually there will be no Ambulance drivers and that means that means that people will be worried about getting badly injured. Because there won’t be any Ambulance drivers to  get there fast.

Also if there are no Ambulance drivers there will be more lives lost because Ambulance drivers save peoples lives. Over a period of time no Ambulance drivers will want to do there job because there not getting enough pay and quit. Remember Ambulance drivers want more pay and if they don’t get it more lives will be at risk.

Sincerely, Justyn